Essential solutions keeping Marine businesses running smoothly, extending asset lifespan and ensuring safety and hygiene in all areas of vessel and harbour operations.

Smarter Chemistry for Every Vessel

At FIS, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in the Marine sector, and we know how important continuous, reliable operation is to profitability and business growth. We also see the opportunities — and we take pride in helping clients in this sector achieve their business goals.

We offer Marine & Shipping clients comprehensive support across all areas of their operation — supplying a range of high-quality chemical products for engine room, bilge, tank & cargo, deck & bulkhead and catering & accommodation.

Supporting Clients on Rust Treatment, Fuel Management, Degreasers & Janitorial

We work with leading marine service suppliers, ship chandlers, freight companies, ferry operators and harbour management to ensure all areas of each vessel and quay are supplied with vital chemical products. These support key maintenance work, extend asset lifespan and keep staff and public areas clean and safe.

Tackling rust and corrosion; cleaning and degreasing engine rooms and tanks, ensuring fuel system efficiency and supporting crew with janitorial work are all key areas for our marine and shipping customers.


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