Crystalbrite Non-Bio Laundry Detergent


A non-biological and phosphate-free liquid with effective stain removal properties. Designed for light to medium soiling. Leaves clothes clean and fresh.

The product has excellent stain removal properties even at temperature as low as 30oC. Eliminates the need for pre-soaking or rewashing when used in conjunction with Crystalbrite Laundry Oxy Stain Remover or Crystalbrite Alkaline Laundry Wash Booster.

Low fragrance hence may be used for overalls in food production areas.

Directions for use

Can be used through Cleenol automatic dosing equipment or may be fed manually.

Use rates vary according to the type and amount of soil present and whether it is being used as a "one shot" liquid or in conjunction with an additional alkaline boost.

Quantities required are in the region of 100-250ml /12Kg/25lbs.

Where bleachable stains such as tea, coffee or wine are excessive. Cleenol recommends the use of Crystalbrite Laundry Oxy Stain remover to aid stain removal.


Store in cool conditions away from direct source of heat. Avoid extremes of temperature. Do not allow to freeze. Ensure the cap is fitted after use.

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suitable for MarineMarine

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Shelf Life

Shelf life 24 months if stored as recommended. Use within 6 months of opening.