Forward-thinking chemical supply for wind energy, biogas, anaerobic digestion and solar operations — boosting performance and reducing asset downtime.

Smarter Chemistry for Sustainable Energy

We supply a suite of high-performance chemical products for maintenance, cleaning and protection of renewable energy assets — including wind turbines, anaerobic digesters, biogas facilities and photovoltaic solar panels.

When it comes to renewables, FIS 'walk the walk' too. For over 10 years, we've had an on-site wind turbine and solar array providing energy for our headquarters — we're committed to being the smarter, greener supplier for clients in all sectors.

Supporting Clients on Cleaning, Maintenance & Efficiency

Timely maintenance and cleaning is vital for renewable assets to operate at full capacity, and FIS supply specialist products for cleaning solar panels and removing guano from turbines — allowing construction and maintenance teams to work in a hygienic, safe environment.

FIS are also on hand to support vessels servicing offshore and onshore renewables assets — with a full range of Marine and Automotive products available.



Years of On-Site Solar & Wind


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Decrease in CO2 Emissions Since 2011

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