Bilge Water Flocculant (BILWAFL)


Bilge Water Flocculant is a very effective liquid treatment based on Poly-aluminium Chloride

(PAC) to separate oil residues from bilge water. It is Iron-free, and is completely safe to the environment.


International environmental regulations set strict rules as to the oil content in effluent water

from ships. To meet these regulations, a combination of mechanical and chemical cleaning is necessary.

Bilge Water Flocculant is used in combination with multistage bilge water cleaning systems that include mechanical separation of free oil, emulsion breaking, flocculation and filtration.

After dosing, it breaks the oil in water emulsion created by contaminants in lubricating and fuel oils, emulsifying cleaning agents etc. It then destabilises the remaining small oil droplets and agglomerates them into larger particles (flocs) that are easily collected by filtering.


Typical dose rate: 100-500ppm (0.10 – 0.5litre/metre cubed of water)

In a multistage bilge water cleaning system, Bilge Water Flocculant is fed undiluted through a dosage pump connected to the pressure side of the descaler The floc tank is fed according to the flow of the bilge water pumped into it. The feed is adjusted in connection with the installation

and normally needs no alteration. If required, dosing can also be controlled by measuring the

level in the container. Corrosive to cast iron as concentrate.

Non Corrosive to all metals at use concentration.


Dispose of chemicals in accordance with local environmental legislation.


Normal precautions should be taken for handling chemicals. Protective clothing, eye protection and gloves should be worn. For further details please refer to the safety data sheet.


Store in a cool, dry location between 5°C and 25°C. Protect from freezing. Avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Store the product sealed in the original container to avoid air exposure. Some products may settle during storage or transportation, ensure thorough mixing before use. See safety datasheet for list of incompatible materials and other relevant information.

Suitable For:

suitable for MarineMarine

Available In:

suitable for 25ltr25ltr

Shelf Life

24 Months