Crucial chemical products for engineering contractors, decommissioning projects, specialist industrial cleaning work and waste management.

Smarter Chemistry for Industrial Cleaning & Waste Management

When it comes to industrial cleaning operations, contractor work and waste management systems, reliable high-performance chemicals are absolutely essential to success.

FIS are a leading supplier of specialised products for use in industrial asset preservation, line flushing, tank cleaning and pipe dope removal — across onshore, offshore and workshop. Industrial products include degreasers, corrosion inhibitors, rustproofing, paint primers and anti-freeze.

We work closely with a wide variety of clients — including Tier 1 contractors, industrial cleaning specialists and waste management operators — to find the best solutions for the job.

Supporting Clients on Re-Activation, Cold-Stacking & Decom

For 40+ years, FIS have supplied key products to support rig re-activation processes, cold-stacking of assets and decommissioning work. Our products are designed to ensure these processes are as smooth, efficient and clean as possible.

Our experience, commitment to R&D and understanding of these sectors and processes make us an excellent choice to support your operations.


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"Our dedicated R&D work and the resulting increased effectiveness of FIS slop treatment and separation products has enabled major waste management companies to increase their intake ability — leading to greater operational efficiency and profitability."

— Marcus Davidson, Chemical Specialist

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