Effitab Gold Fuel Treatment (EFFGOFUTR)

Product Description

EffiTab Gold Fuel Treatment Is a super concentrate combustion improver, specially formulated to maximize both performance and fuel economy, and will allow your fleet to save operating costs by reducing emissions, increasing fuel economy and providing cleaner running equipment.

EffiTab Gold Fuel Treatment Can be used with #1, #2 diesel and gasoline at a ratio of 1:4000 dramatically reducing the carbon particulate emissions while simultaneously reducing the excess air requirements.

EffiTab Gold Fuel Treatment will increase combustion efficiency by reducing fouling and corrosion thereby improving heat transfer, extending equipment life, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing interruptions of equipment operations.

EffiTab Gold Fuel Treatment Environmental benefits all types of combustion applications by promoting the combustion of the carbon particles (soot) and condensed tar from the incomplete combustion of untreated fuels.


EffiTab Gold Fuel Treatment Is effective in industrial boilers and diesel engines of all sizes and is used in marine shipping, power generation, mining, construction, ground transportation and wherever high fuel prices or compliance with emissions or opacity regulations is a concern.


EffiTab Gold Fuel Treatment Can be used with all grades of diesel fuel, JP8, kerosene and gasoline. Fuel treatment includes better engine performance, extended equipment life and reduced maintenance costs.

EffiTab Gold Fuel Treatment Reduces fuel consumption across a wide range of fossil fuels.

EffiTab Gold Fuel Treatment Reduces greenhouse gas (CO2), acid rain gases (SO2 and SO3), soot (black smoke), carbon build-up, fouling, slagging and cold-end Corrosion. All are reduced.

Suitable For:

suitable for MarineMarine

Available In:

9Ltr + 205Ltr

Shelf Life

EffiTab Gold Fuel Treatment HFO fuel treatment is readily pumpable and self-feeding into the suction side of a metering pump, from unheated additive storage at temperatures above -20 °F (-29 °C). It is stable in mild steel and in aluminium storage tanks, or when properly stored in its original containers for at least 12 months. It is an industrial chemical and should be handled with the same precautions as used with ordinary

distillates, solvents, and weak alkalis. Avoid open flames. Avoid skin and

eye contact. Wash contaminated areas with soap and water.