Ice Away (ICAX)

Ice Away (ICAX)

Ice Away is a fast, safe ice melting compound which is specifically designed to rapidly melt ice from pavements, walkways, streets, highways, bridges, airport runways etc


Ice Away has an unbelievable capacity for melting ice and snow; it will do the job 30 times faster than Rock Salt or old-fashioned melting compounds. Harmless to grass, bushes, and other vegetation, when properly applied the run from Ice Away has no harmful effect on vegetation that could be destroyed by application of Rock Salt. Will not harm carpeting or floor coverings. Leaves much less residue to be tracked into buildings as salt and other chemicals do, helps prevent re-freezing by lowering the freezing point of melted ice or snow


Sprinkle Ice Away lightly and evenly over the surface of snow or ice. Ice Away works in seconds by melting the slippery ice and hardened snow, plus allowing quick removal. Ice Away eliminates chipping and excessive shovelling–prevents dangerous accidents. Sprinkle Ice Away on traffic areas before heavy snow to prevent hard ice from forming. Ice Away contains a rust inhibitor to safeguard automobiles, trucks, drains, gutters and metal in general. For auto traction apply a handful of Ice Away under spinning wheels.


Dispose of chemicals in accordance with local environmental legislation.


Normal Ice Away in solution is not considered corrosive to Iron and Steel due to the alkalinity of the solution (pH of solution is normally 8.5 minimum). It is not recommended to store it in stainless steel as there is a tendency towards pitting. As a solution ofIce Away is an electrolyte galvanic attack corrosion can occur when using adjacent dissimilar metals. As regards to water courses, there is no information available, but no problems are envisaged as the ingredients which make up Ice Away are often a by-product of other chemical reactions and are discharged into rivers and the sea without penalty

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Shelf Life

Storage: 24 months