High-performance solutions to support Automotive operations in a variety of industries — extending fleet lifespan, reducing maintenance downtime, making cleaning easy and helping deliveries and services run on time.

Smarter Chemistry for Smooth Transport

Whether you're managing a freight fleet, an airline or vehicles for day-to-day staff transport, timely investment in ongoing maintenance and care can save businesses significant sums in repair and replacement costs.

FIS Chemicals supply Automotive clients with a range of effective solutions, from cleaning and valet essentials to specialised maintenance products that are suitable for paintwork, glass and alloys. Speak to our team for more information on how we can tailor product supply to your business' individual needs.

Supporting Clients on Vehicle Cleaning, Maintenance & Fleet Winterisation

We supply high quality products for car washes, body shops, valet businesses and garages — including traffic film remover, alloy strippers, de-icers, antifreeze products and more. We offer specialist products to support cleaning and maintenance for agricultural vehicles and for coaches, trucks and cab fleets.

FIS can also support the aviation industry with specialised products for cleaning and maintaining aircraft, all year round.


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