Fiszyme BTC


FISZYME BTC is Biological Toilet Cleaner - for Toilets, Sink and Waste Pipes.

• Dramatically reduces lime scale and uric acid deposits

• Removes organic waste and foul odours. Ideal for both hard surfaces and porous flooring

• Fast acting ready to use product – Neutral pH containing friendly bacteria and low foaming surfactants

Most cleaning products stop working within minutes of application resulting in a build of off foul smells and blockages.

FISZYME BTC continues to work every minute of the day more thoroughly and deeply compared to conventional cleaning products to leave a fresh and improved environment.

FISZYME BTC is a specially formulated biological product and scale inhibitor designed for the regular maintenance and cleaning of toilets, urinals, sinks and waste pipes.

The product contains harmless, naturally occurring saprophytic micro-organisms selected for their ability to produce enzymes capable of degrading a wide range of organic waste.

Low level surfactants aid in the emulsification of waste and reduce surface tension to improve product penetration and cleaning performance. This allows the reduced use of cleaning products containing hazardous chemicals such as acids, caustics, bleaches and disinfectants.

The product is fully stabilized with a guaranteed two-year shelf life, designed to allow problem-free pumping in automatic dispensers and maximize the biodegradation of grease and other organic waste.


FISZYME BTC has been designed for automatic dosing into the required point of application. For best performance the product should be applied at times of low flow. Hot water should not be used immediately before or after dosing. Harsh chemicals such as caustic or bleaches should not be used with this product.


Urinals and Toilets: Use daily undiluted by spraying the surfaces, leave for ten minutes, scrub than flush.

Floors and tiled surfaces: Dilute 10:1 mop and leave to dry.

Drains: Dilute 5:1 for normal use or undiluted if heavy soiling, 10ml per meter run of drain.

Sinks and Shower basins: Use undiluted at 20ml per day.


Dispose of chemicals in accordance with local environmental legislation.


Normal precautions should be taken for handling chemicals. Protective clothing, eye protection and gloves should be worn. For further details please refer to the safety data sheet.

Suitable For:

suitable for MarineMarine
suitable for Hospitality & LeisureHospitality & Leisure
suitable for IndustrialIndustrial

Available In:

12 x 1Ltr Bottles

Shelf Life

24 Months