Effitab Gold Fuel Treatment HFO


• Catalyzes the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels to achieve a more complete burn and prevent engine knock.

• Effective with all grades of heavy fuels.

• Blends readily with fuel for one-step treatment of bulk storage tanks.

• Sublimates after combustion with no harmful by-products, as per US EPA.

• Does not interact with water shedding properties.

• High purity level will not harm boilers or engines and will not void warranties.

• Will not adversely affect fuel stability, cold-flow properties and bacteria growth.

• Does not interact with fuel colorants and markers.

• Safe to transport, store and handle.


• Recommended dosage rate is 1 part EffiTab Gold Fuel Treatment HFO to 5,000 parts heavy fuel oil (by volume) for continuous usage.

• For initial charging dosage use 1 part EffiTab Gold Fuel Treatment HFO to 4,000 parts fuel.

• For use in all grades of residual fuels.

• Treated fuel can be safely burned in boilers and all types of diesel engines.


Reduces fuel consumption, typically by 2 to 5%.

• Reduces diesel particulate emissions by up to 43%.

• Improves combustion efficiency and reduces CO emissions.

• Keeps fuel injectors and turbochargers cleaner and extends oil change intervals.

• Acts as a high temperature lubricant, inhibiting mechanical abrasion to prolong engine life and reduce engine wear.

• Reduces polluting exhaust emissions, including visible black smoke, particulates, CO, NOx and total amount of CO2.

• Reduces maintenance costs and spare parts consumption by preventing soot formation and carbon deposits.

• Improves lubricity with low sulfur fuel.

Storage & Handling

EffiTab Gold Fuel Treatment HFO fuel treatment is readily pumpable and self-feeding into the suction side of a metering pump, from unheated additive storage at temperatures above -20 °F (-29 °C). It is stable in mild steel and in Aluminium storage tanks, or when properly stored in its original containers for at least 12 months. It is an industrial chemical and should be handled with the same precautions as used with ordinary distillates, solvents, and weak alkalis. Avoid open flames. Avoid skin and eye contact. Wash contaminated areas with soap and water.

Suitable For:

suitable for MarineMarine

Available In:

19Ltr + 205Ltr

Shelf Life

Storage: 12 Months