Safety & Environment

FIS Chemicals are dedicated to upholding the highest standards for safety and the environment.

Whether it's our staff, our customers, visitors to our HQ, or simply anyone who utilises a product manufactured or supplied by FIS, our top priority is always safety and welfare. This responsibility extends to our approach to 'green chemistry' — and our industry-leading environmental credentials are underpinned by careful decision-making, close adherence to protocols and a genuine commitment to going the extra mile to achieve cleaner, greener results.

We uphold rigorous standards in every aspect of our operation, and have achieved ISO certification across a range of key areas — ensuring that each department, process and action is governed and delivered responsibly and with the attention to quality that our customers have come to expect.


ESG Report 2022

"Our vision goes beyond the products we manufacture, and we also strive to deliver what is best for our people, customers, communities and planet."
— Kenny Woods, CEO

FIS Chemicals' Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report outlines the approach taken, commitments made and structures in place to ensure FIS is a responsibly-run business and embodies the 'smarter chemistry' approach we believe in.

Read our ESG Report 2022


FIS Chemicals were awarded the Carbon Trust Standard 2008 — one of very few chemicals companies to receive this distinction.


The Practical Route to a Lower Carbon Footprint

In 2009, FIS installed a wind turbine on our Aberdeenshire premises, and the following year a solar PV array was added to the site — offering two forms of clean, green energy to offset our electricity usage from the national grid. This kind of pragmatic and invested approach typifies our outlook as a business — purposeful, solutions-led and committed.

We work with a number of customers who are pursuing Net Zero goals, and are always open to discussing ways to achieve this through smarter chemistry.


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