Lanotec Heavy Duty


• Corrosion protection in harsh & highly corrosive environments.

• Lubricates & extends the life of heavy chains.

• Protection of wire ropes, cables & chains

• Lubricates & protects pulleys, blocks, swivels & chains

• Protection of battery terminals, boxes & connectors

• Non Conductive to 70Kv

• Outside Storage Protection


Lanolin, blended with non-regulated, non-ozone depleting paraffin carrier's to enable ease of application and enhance penetration. Heavy Duty contains 40% more lanolin than Lanotec’s General Purpose.

Physical Properties

• Appearance: Light brown liquid with distinctive wool fleece and solvent odour.

• Boiling Point: Approx. 110-200oC

• Flash Point: 82oC

• Specific Gravity: 0.81 - 0.83 @ 24oC

• Solubility in Water: Insoluble

Features & Benefits of Heavy Duty


• Long Term Biodegradable

• Non-toxic

• Non-carcinogenic

• Non-evaporative

• Non-leaching

• Hermetically seals surfaces

• Pro-active

• Non-conductive to 70kV

• Non-Perishing

• Good resistance to mineral acids


• Environmentally Safe

• User friendly

• Provides lasting protection

• Water resistant/resists washing off

• Protects against corrosion - Out performs most other corrosion inhibitors when tested under similar conditions

• If damaged, surface coating is self- healing

• Safe to use on electrical equipment

• Prolongs life of rubber O-rings and seals

• Effective in highly corrosive industrial environments

Application Guide

• For the best results Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin should be applied to clean, dry surfaces by spray or lambs wool applicator.

• Loose and flaking rust/paint must be removed prior to application

• Apply in a well ventilated area and allow sufficient time for the carrier to evaporate before using coated items.

• For application details for specific end uses refer to the “Uses & Applications” section on the Lanotec website


Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin has been tested by independent NATA certified laboratories using the following Australian Standard test methods -

• AS 2106.2 - Flash Point - 82oC

• AS 1580.460.2 - Resistance to Acid & Alkali - Good acid resistance

• AS 2380.2, clause 4.2 - Flameproof Enclosure - Complies with standard

In addition the following tests have also been carried out -

• High Voltage Testing (Energex) - dry tested to 70kV - Non-conductive

• Chemical Analysis (ETRS) - Contains no heavy metals

Corrosion Resistance:

To date Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin has not been tested to AS 2331.3.1 - Neutral Salt Spray(Corrosion). However as Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin contains 40% more lanolin per litre than General Purpose Liquid Lanolin. The results given on the General Purpose Liquid Lanolin product data sheet for this test may be taken as them minimum values to be obtained with Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin.

Suitable For:

suitable for MarineMarine
suitable for RenewablesRenewables
suitable for Oil & Gas ServicesOil & Gas Services
suitable for IndustrialIndustrial

Available In:

10 Litre