Aqueous Degreaser Export Concentrate (AQDEEXC)


Ideal where storage is a problem. It can be cut with fresh or seawater to achieve the strength required by the individual user. Because the finished product is produced on site there is a large saving on transport costs. 1000 litre of product diluted to 5000 litre will provide a similar product to Aqueous Degreaser 2000 and diluted to 8000 litre like Offshore Degreaser EF in performance.


Heavy Duty Degreaser 4:1

Heavy Duty Rigwash 10:1

General Purpose Rigwash 20:1

Laundry Wash 100:1

Aqueous Degreaser 2000 4:1

Offshore Degreaser EF 7:1


Dispose of chemicals in accordance with local environmental legislation, local environment registrations.

CEFAS Registers with a Silver rating.


Normal precautions should be taken for handling chemicals. Protective clothing, eye protection and gloves should be worn. For further, details please refer to the safety data sheet.

Suitable For:

suitable for MarineMarine
suitable for Oil & Gas ServicesOil & Gas Services
suitable for IndustrialIndustrial

Available In:

suitable for 5ltr5ltr
suitable for 25ltr25ltr
suitable for 210ltr210ltr
suitable for 1000ltr1000ltr

Shelf Life

Storage: 24 months