Aerosol MAG Black Supramor (CHMAGBL)


Supramor 4 Black consists of very finely divided black magnetic particles suspended in high flash point odourless kerosene designed to provide good particle mobility. The black particles have been selected for their high magnetic response, low coercivity (to avoid coagulation) and prolonged operational life.


Supramor 4 Black is used extensively where colour contrast magnetic particle inspection techniques are specified in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries for the inspection of welds in fabrications, structures, pressure vessels and pipelines. Supramor 4 Black is supplied primarily in aerosol form so that new material is used for each inspection. It is essential that aerosols are shaken well before use to ensure that the magnetic particles are evenly distributed in the carrier fluid.


Spray onto surface from 25 to 30cm ensuring a thin even coating.


Dispose of chemicals in accordance with local environmental legislation, local environment registrations.


Normal precautions should be taken for handling chemicals. Protective clothing, eye protection and gloves should be worn. For further, details please refer to the safety data sheet.

Suitable For:

suitable for Oil & Gas ServicesOil & Gas Services

Shelf Life

Storage: 24 months