Aerosol Chain & Cable (AECHCA)


Chain & Cable Lubricant is a high-grade oil with the added benefit of the inclusion of graphite and molybdenum disulphide.

It sprays to give a grey, tenacious, oily film. The initial froth collapses quickly allowing solvents to carry the lubrication deep into chain linkages. The incorporation of graphite and molybdenum disulphide enhances chain life by reducing wear to a minimum. The lubrication system has been selected to have minimal effect on rubber O-rings and grommets.


An excellent lubrication for medium and heavily loaded chain drives. Chain & Cable Lubricant is suitable for a wide range of temperatures and will not be easily thrown off during use.


Spray lightly onto surface from distance of 8 to 12 inches. For use in difficult places or for accuracy of application use the extension tube provided.


Dispose of chemicals in accordance with local environmental legislation Local environment registrations.


Normal precautions should be taken for handling chemicals. Protective clothing, eye protection and gloves should be worn. For further, details please refer to the safety data sheet.

Suitable For:

suitable for Oil & Gas ServicesOil & Gas Services

Shelf Life

Storage: 24 months