Aerosol Glue Heavy Duty (AEGLHD)


This is a heavy-duty aerosol adhesive which incorporates a variable spray pattern facility and gives exceptionally strong adhesion for wide range of demanding uses.


This product finds considerable use in the furniture, flooring and automotive industries, especially for bonding foam to wide range of surfaces. It is ideal for use in repair and nonstructural applications where an exceptionally high strength bond is required. It should not be used on surfaces where temperatures may exceed 50°C.


1. Ensure that surfaces are clean, dry and dirt free.

2. For a strong bond, spray several light coats on both surfaces. For a lighter bond apply to one surface only.

3. Allow a few moments for the solvents to evaporate.

4. Press surfaces together firmly, working outwards from the centre to achieve a good bond.

5. Excess adhesive can be readily removed using a solvent, taking care to follow safety instructions.

6. When finished, invert the can and spray for a few seconds to clear the nozzle. Spray to give a yellow/white fan of rapidly drying resins and solvents. The can is fitted with variable discharge actuator that also controls the width of the fan. The product is essentially a repair compound and should not be used for constructional purposes such as unsupported head linings in vehicles and boats.


Dispose of chemicals in accordance with local environmental legislation Local environment registrations.


Normal precautions should be taken for handling chemicals. Protective clothing, eye protection and gloves should be worn. For further, details please refer to the safety data sheet.

Suitable For:

suitable for Oil & Gas ServicesOil & Gas Services

Shelf Life

Storage: 24 months