Celebrating 35+ years at FIS: Q&A with Angela Campbell, Account Manager

We recently caught up with our Account Manager, Angela who joined FIS in 1987 — she reflects on the last 36 years, the changes in the industry and achievements over the years.

Angela Campbell, Account Manager at FIS Chemicals

Angela Campbell, FIS Account Manager

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FIS: With three and a half decades of experience, you must have seen significant changes in the industry. What has been the biggest change within the industry over the last 36 years? And how have they impacted your work at FIS?

Angela: Technology! Mobile phones were scarce in the early days when I was out on the road most of the time. I remember keeping loads of change in my car so I could phone in orders from the nearest phone box.

Those early days were tough but a steep learning curve, getting to know the products, applications and dealing with people from a wide range of industries – a good training ground. As time moved on and the oil industry evolved so did my involvement.

FIS: Reflecting on your career journey, what are some of the most memorable projects or achievements you have been a part of at FIS Chemicals?

AC: Being involved in securing the business of one of our biggest clients to date where products are shipped all over the world.

FIS: What's the best thing about FIS Chemicals?

AC: A great team who all believe customer service is most important, keeping us ahead of competition. Also, I love the setting of our premises on the outskirts of town. Many people assume we are in the heart of an industrial estate and are most surprised at our peaceful country setting.

FIS: As you reflect on your journey, what are some of the biggest lessons you've learned throughout your FIS career?

AC: Determination and persistence play a big part. Early in my career I was told if you don’t know the answer to a question, admit it and always get back with an answer. This instills trust which is the key to longstanding relationships. Many of our customers continue to deal with FIS, 20-30 years on.

FIS: Over the years, FIS Chemicals must have gone through various changes. How have you adapted to those changes, and what advice would you give to others going through similar transitions?

AC: There have been tough times, especially during the oil downturns and COVID. Commitment and perseverance — a day at a time — saw us through.

FIS: We all have our favourite memories from work. Can you share a funny or memorable anecdote from your time at FIS?

AC: I remember visiting a customer who had moved to premises in Newburgh on the River Ythan. I asked how they were settling in, and the reply was:

“Great location, but building needs some work, a rat ran past my office door the other day.”

As my colleagues, know I have a major rat phobia — I sprinted out of her office hyperventilating, never to return! Phone calls only from then on. Not funny at the time!

FIS:The chemical industry is constantly evolving. How have you kept up with industry trends and developments throughout your career at FIS Chemicals?

AC: FIS QHSEE department has worked hard to keep us abreast of the ever changing environmental and industry standards that our clients expect and having the foresight to install wind turbine and solar panels back in 2009/2010.

Also, when the CEFAS Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme was introduced, FIS invested a great deal in component testing — registering many products in UK, Holland, Denmark, and Norway, giving us the credibility to increase our offshore client base.

FIS: Celebrating 35+ years is an incredible achievement. What advice would you give to someone starting their career at FIS or in the chemical industry in general?

AC: Not sure I’m qualified to answer that in a world of social media, webinars, and Teams calls – I still prefer the old-fashioned way of face-to-face meetings and a good chat over a cup of tea!

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