Wellbore Cleaners


Wellbore cleaners are formulations designed for fast and efficient removal of hydrocarbon residues from downhole tubulars, equipment and casing. Designed as a single package using high performance solvents and surfactants to form an effective cleaning solution for rapid degreasing, oil mud removal and detergency.


Wellbore (Cleaners) cleaning chemistry plays a crucial role in the oil and gas industry as it helps remove debris, drilling mud, scale, and other substances from the wellbore to ensure efficient drilling operations and optimal production. FIS formulate and manufacture a number of Surfactant based wellbore cleaning products spanning a range of market conditions and price points. By lowering the surface tension between fluids and solids, helping to remove debris and prevent their reattachment to the wellbore walls our range of Wellbore clean up chemicals offer high performance solutions to your wellbore cleaning needs. It is important to note that wellbore cleaning chemistry should be tailored to specific well conditions, including formation characteristics, wellbore geometry, fluid properties, and drilling history. Surfactants can be tailored to specific conditions, such as high temperatures, high salinity, or the presence of oil and gas hence collaboration between chemical providers, service companies, and operators is crucial to developing effective and safe wellbore cleaning strategies.

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At FIS, we understand that different applications require different levels of cleaning. Our wellbore cleaners are formulated to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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Storage: 24 Months