Drilling & Completions Lubricants


Products under development for use in water-based drilling fluids and clear brine solutions. To reduce torque and drag, reduce casing wear, and improve rate of penetration.


Drilling & Completions Lubricants are used in drilling operations to reduce friction between the drill string and the borehole walls. These lubricants enhance drilling performance, decrease torque and drag, and help prevent sticking or jamming of the drill string. Water-based drilling mud lubricants are typically formulated with a combination of ingredients that provide lubrication and reduce friction. The selection of water-based drilling mud lubricants depends on various factors, including drilling conditions, formation characteristics, and environmental considerations. It's important to choose lubricants that are compatible with the drilling mud system and other additives to avoid any adverse effects on drilling performance or fluid stability. Regular monitoring and maintenance of the drilling mud system, including the lubricant concentration, is necessary to ensure optimal lubrication performance throughout the drilling operation.

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