Auto Dish Liquid Special (AUDILISP)


Auto Dish Liquid Special is a blend of alkalis and sequestering agents that produce a concentrated, alkaline liquid designed for use in hard or soft water conditions.

NB: This product should not be used in conjunction with any aluminium or zincplated (galvanised) parts as corrosion and flammable gas release will occur.


Ideal for cleaning crockery, dishes, pots, pans, glasses, pyrex dishes, casseroles, trays and cutlery. It will prevent the deposits of hard scale on crockery and dishwashers, leaving dishes and cutlery sparkling clean.

Auto Dish Liquid Special is for use only through an automatic detergent dispenser. It is normally used at a concentration from 1ml to 4 ml per litre.


Dispose of chemicals in accordance with local environmental legislation, local environment registrations.

Suitable For:

suitable for Hospitality & LeisureHospitality & Leisure

Available In:

suitable for 5ltr5ltr
suitable for 25ltr25ltr

Shelf Life

Storage: 24 months